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Bio-Gourmet: Our unique organic protocol

Trully natural shrimp

Our shrimp grows in conditions like those in the ocean

We eliminate the use of added feed

Our protocol reduces the impact on the environment

More extensive density

La Our low density allows shrimp to grow stress-free

We minimize the impact on the environment

Sustainable ecosystem

Bio-Gourmet: Our unique organic protocol

Traditional organic shrimp farming has always utilized organic feed in its production. In Langosmar, we believe that for our shrimp to be truly sustainable we needed to go beyond traditional organic standards, which is why we decided to create “Bio-Gourmet”.

Respect for the biodiversity and the natural habitat of shrimp

NO antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals or GMOs in the pools nor in the packaging process

We are ecologically and socially responsibles

Our goal was to eliminate added feed from our protocol to reduce the impact on the
environment. In order to do this, we pushed the limits of our extensive production
to only four animals per square meter. This low density enables shrimp to grow free from stress in a clean environment.
Since less shrimp are raised in the ponds, there is no depletion of the zooplankton and phytoplankton naturally found in water, and so our shrimp feeds only on them.

By eliminating the use of added feed, we minimize the impact we have on the environment, making us truly sustainable.

We wanted our shrimp to be raised in conditions similar to those in the wild, with the added benefit that the controlled environment it grows in is free of the chemicals and pollution found in the ocean.

Our protocol results in an exquisite shrimp with 100% natural flavor, which we have called Bio-Goumet.

Our commitment beyond organic standards

No added feed; Our shrimp feeds on phytoplankton y zooplankton which are naturally found in their habitat.

Extensive production: only 4 animals per SqM.