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Shrimp Farms

Our shrimp farms are located in the Gulf of Guayaquil and are certified by the most rigorous standards of quality. 100% of our production is organic. We use low densities with no added feed, pesticides, antibiotics, or GMOs to recreate the environment shrimp find in the ocean.
Sustainability is the basis of our protocol, and it focuses on reducing the impact on the environment, promoting the health of our shrimp, maintaining an impeccable traceability, and being truly sustainable. From beginning to end, the growth cycle of our shrimp is carefully documented to ensure an impeccable traceability. We monitor water parameters closely to ensure that our shrimp grow in ideal conditions and do not negatively affect the environment.

Our team focuses on complying with our protocols to the letter, ensuring that our production is clean, does not pollute the environment, and promotes the well-being of our shrimp and the ecosystem that surrounds our shrimp farms.

To verify our good practices, we have also certified our organic shrimp farms in the social and environmental fields.

Processing plant

Our packaging plant is the final part of our prestigious protocol. We work with the maximum standards of safety and quality.

Our packaging and freezing capacity exceeds 100 tons a day. We use a quick-freezing system enabled by our excellent infrastructure and technology.

Each part of our process is carefully designed to ensure the quality and traceability of our product.

We have established internal controls to ensure food quality and security, but additionally, our whole process complies with international standards such as:

  • QCS
  • BRC