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Our Story

Langosmar is a family-owned business dedicated to the shrimp business since 1982.

Our 100% organic no-feed shrimp farms are located in the Gulf of Guayaquil.

We produce our shrimp with our unique sustainable protocol and then process and package it in our own processing plant, certified by the highest quality standards.

We strive to produce the best shrimp in the world, going beyond the standards required by European Governments for organic shrimp.

Besides being environmentally and socially responsible, we have developed a unique no added feed protocol by using extensive densities (4 animals per sq. m), which enables our shrimp to feed on the phytoplankton and zooplankton found in water and results in a rich, naturally flavored shrimp.

We work hard to provide consumers with impeccable traceability, from farm to plate, to ensure consumer confidence and safety.

We have developed a unique protocol

Environmental and social responsibility are at the core of our mission.

Our Work

In an all-natural environment, our unique low-density protocol allows shrimp to feed only from zooplankton and phytoplankton, the natural food for shrimp in the sea. This way, we eliminate the use of external feed to maintain the natural flavor of shrimp.


To guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our clients by producing shrimp of the highest quality while being socially responsible and ensuring the preservation of our planet for future generations.


To lead the production of organic Litopenaeus Vannamei shrimp worldwide without the use of external feed, achieving a unique, exquisite, and natural taste: BIO GOURMET LANGOSMAR.